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At Sports West, we offer a wide variety of Group Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Yoga and Pilates Classes. Our Fitness classes offe r a total body workout in a fun, energetic atmosphere and are designed to burn fat, increase metabolism and imporve cardio fitness. Muscle conditioning exercises for the upper and lower body and cool-down stretches are done to increase strength and flexibility. All classes will take a heart rate count. This allows you to determine if you are working within your target heart range!

Zumba fuses hypnotic latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic workout system that will blow you away! This Exercise in Disguise will leave you wondering whether or not it was a workout or a party! MondaysTuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Saturdays  

Total Core Fitness
Combination of yoga, Pilates, balance & strength. Thursdays

Total Body Challenge
A power packed strength class that incorporates body weight, weights, stability balls and various equipmentfor a total body workout in just 30 minutes! Take your strength training to the next level!

Mat Pilates:
This Class dramatically improves strength, flexibility, balance, core strengthening, spinal elongation, coordination and posture.   Tuesdays   Wednesdays Thursdays   Fridays

Mat Pilates with Props:
A traditional mat pilates format that incorporates the Stability Ball, bands, Pilates Ring, Mini Ball or the Bosu. This class will take you beyond the basicsof mat pilates to facilitate even greater core and balance training.   >Mondays 

Core Stretch
30 minutes of core-specific exercises followed by 30 minutes of total body stretch. Tuesdays   Fridays

Cardio Blast! 
Blast away the calories with high - low kick box aerobics followed by full body toning exercises.    Mondays  Wednesdays    Thursdays

Cardio Sculpt
Burn fat, build muscle & endurance! Interval training, compound exercises, timed cardio segments plus resistance and core exercises. Add plyometrics for maximum calorie burn! (Modifications for low impact &beginners) Work all major muscle groups in just one hour!    Tuesdays  Thursdays

get ripped  A no-nonsense total body sculpting workout that will build strength and definition without the bulk. This classutilizes a well-sequenced series of bar bell and dumb bell exercises, tempo variations and high reps.    Mondays     Fridays


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Power Yoga:
It's not your Grandma's Yoga Class...Experience an intense, dynamic flow of postures linked by Sun Salutations emphasizing the development of strength, stamina, flexibility, and focus of the mind. Take a real lunch break and return to work a whole new you. Strengthen, Lengthen and touch your toes. Mondays    Tuesdays    Wednesdays   Thursdays

Yoga Flows:
This class gracefully links rhythmic breath with natural alignment of flowing and sustained postures to encourage wellness and vitality.

Mondays  Tuesdays

Candle Light Yoga Flows:
This class will develop strength, stamina, flexibility and deep breathing. Releasing tension is justone of the benefits of this class as you achieve physical and mental well-being.    Fridays

Indoor Cycling Classes

Cardio Cycle:
Experience a different ride every day with a variety of drills, terrain and intervals   Offered Every Day (except Sundays)    Schedule

Express Cycle:
45-minute, quick and intense cycle workout. Focus on intervals for a time-efficient workout at its best! Get in, get out, get fit!   Tuesdays    Thursdays

Underground Cycle:
Cardio Cycle class featuring Tabata intervals.   Tuesdays

Cycle Boot Camp:
Get ready for this 90-minute, total body workout, combining cardio cycle with core/strength exercises. We'll start with one hour of high-intensity cycle intervals, on a variety of course terrains (including tough climbs and fast flats, a wide variety to challenge your legs and cardio.) After we ride, tighten up your shoe laces and head over to the Aerobics/Group X room for 30 minutes of upper-body, core strength and stretching, using a variety of equipment to finish off your Ultimate, Total Body Workout!     Sundays


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Intro/Demo Pilates Classes:
This one hour class is designed to both introduce Pilates to new students and to prepare them to take the Open Allgro classes.Each participant uses the Pilates Allegro Reformer to learn the basics in developing core control, strength, balance and coordination. You will learn shoulder and upper backstabilization for improved posture and ease of movement.   Saturdays, 10:00 - 11:00 AM

Open Allegro Pilates:
This 1 hour class takes the reformer to the next level and challenges each participant in developing overallbody awareness and core strength with a faster paced class while incorporating the "Tower of Power. "  Schedule

For more info on Pilates and the "Tower of Power", visit the Body Balance website at

Pool Schedule

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Hydro Fit:
Open for all levels of fitness. This is a great class for toning, strengthening and building a strong cardiovascularsystem.    Mondays   Tuesdays    Wednesdays   Thursdays    Fridays

Kids Swim Lessons:
For ages 3 years and older from beginning to advanced. Reservations at front desk. Must be potty trained!    Mondays   Wednesdays

Master Swim:
Open to all that can swim laps. There will be a coach on deck to instruct, guide and encourage you as you improve.    Tuesdays    Thursdays

Lap Swimming:
Use of lanes may be limited, or unavailable during Hydro Fit Classes depending on class size. If members are waiting for a lane, please share!   Everyday    Schedule

Family Swim:
For ages 3 years and older on Saturday and sunday only, 2-7pm. Parents must be with childrenat all times. Please, children are not allowed in spa or steamroom!    Saturdays   Sundays

Private Swim Lessons:
All levels welcome! Whether you're just learning to swim, lookign to perfect your stroke or compete in a triathlon with former UNR assistant swimming coach and Chinese 400 & 800 meter champion Ping Luo. Children and adults. Sign up at front desk! For more info, including rates, please contact Ping at:324-4028 or 348-6666